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What is the Canvas Student Portal and Who Uses It?

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that is provided by Instructure. Instructure was founded in 2008 by two grad students and the headquarters can be found in Salt Lake City. They provide LMS systems for K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Education. The Canvas LMS was formally launched in 2011. Today Canvas LMS has over 6 million users worldwide. It is used by both teachers and students to manage information and communication within colleges.

Benefits of the Canvas LMS

The Canvas LMS is primarily used to provide course content and for general student communication. It has been built to be easily accessed on desktop or mobile devices to support remote learning anywhere.

Assessments and Grading

Teachers can more efficiently grade and provide feedback on student work and assessments. Students are able to upload their work into the LMS system and then the teachers can make annotations on the documents before returning to the students.

Analytics and Insights

As all of the data is in one place with Canvas, it makes it possible to provide insightful reports and analytics on the information collected. This gives visibility on how students are interacting with material provided and on each course they are enrolled in.

Connect with Video and Audio

As remote learning become increasingly in-demand, Canvas developed with it. It is able to provide high quality video and audio communications with students.

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Which Colleges use the Canvas LMS?

The following colleges and universities are part of the Canvas Network and use the Canvas LMS for their teachers and student portal.

Alamo College – Alamo Aces

California State University – CSUN Canvas

Texas State University – Canvas Texas State

Virginia Community College – myNOVA NOVAConnect


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