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What is the Blackboard Student Portal And Who Uses It?

Blackboard Student Portal is a platform that provides a virtual teaching and learning environment. It is a learning management system launched in the year 1997. Previously it was known as Blackboard Learning Management System, but recently it was named Blackboard Learns. 

Blackboard Learns is the advanced output of Blackboard Inc. The brand Blackboard Inc. It came into limelight after the collaboration of the two groups– The founders of CourseInfo LLC and the founders of Blackboard LLC. Stephen Gilfus, Daniel Cane, Matthew Pittinsky, and Michael are great minds behind this giant firm Blackboard Learns. They successfully pushed the traditional teaching-learning process and delivered it into online mode.

Benefits Of Blackboard Student Portal

Blackboard Student Portal was designed to keep all the user requirements in mind. Moreover,it is regularly updated. To make the teaching-learning process effortless, it comes with many user benefits, which include:

Operating System And Device Support

Both the learner and the teacher can operate the platform of Blackboard Student Portal from their desired device. Besides, Blackboard is accessible by using any smartphone or tablet. The mobile support option of Blackboard gives users a smooth operating facility. The user can access the site from anywhere from their smartphones. It can be used on web-based devices. The operating system can be iOS or android supportive. One can access Blackboard Learns using both these operating systems. 

Calendar Tool

The platform is equipped with a calendar Tool for updating events. It allows the user to organize and plan things by viewing the days, months, and years. Moreover, the user can customize the calendar for personal entries. The default calendar will also have entries for the enrolled course and institution updates. 

The calendar also acquires auto-update when the instructor assigns tests or assignments with a due date. Similarly, the learner gets a clear update of the classes and lectures if it has been created with the calendar interface. But, the calendar does not update the non-graded task as events in the calendar.

User-Friendly Interface

It offers a personalized dashboard with an easy management system. The interface is free from any complexity and highly organized. With easy navigation, it provides a much similar look to a social media site.

Powerful Portfolio Support

Blackboard Student Portal offers a portfolio tool to represent the summative and formative progress of the learner along with their personal achievements. It has a personalized format that will mean the user’s portfolio information. Thus, it facilitates both the instructor and the students to use the portfolio for the required purposes.

Collaboration Works

The collaboration suite of Blackboard has sufficient tools to make the learning and training activities efficient. Moreover, the organization and institutions will get all sorts of group management tools to operate group integration efficiently. 

Trainer And Educator Supportive

Trainers and educators will get the support of tools to make the learning more engaging. It keeps the educator and the learner access control over the various learning activities. Besides, there is a perfect blend of learning and real-time support in the system, which makes it more open to competitiveness and professional development. 

Learner Supportive

It provides the learner with an interactive dashboard where desired courses are readily available. Also, the learner will get clear notifications about the course, classes, alerts, and updates on their devices. It allows a smooth interaction with the classmates and the instructor. It becomes more accessible for the students to check the course content and track their progress. Moreover, it also provides a personalized learning experience to the learners.

Which Colleges Use The Blackboard Student Portal?

Since the launch of Blackboard Student Portal till date, it has shown outstanding growth and popularity among various institutions. According to the last data available, it achieved the record of acceptance by more than 1700 schools. The organizations also show immense trust in the software used by organizations in more than 100 countries.

More than 80% of the top educational instructions globally are using Blackboard to facilitate learning. In the United States, the products and services of Blackboard is more popular. About more than 50% of K-12 districts and around 75% of universities and colleges in the United States are using Blackboard. Some of the notable universities and colleges associated with Blackboard are:

  • The George Washington University
  • George Mason University
  • Georgetown University
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Kent State University
  • Wichita State University
  • UARK
  • Miami Dade
  • UTSA


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