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Rushing in College
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What is Rushing in College?

You must have heard about college cultures from your parents, older siblings, and friends. Also, you have seen what fraternities and sororities are like in movies and shows like The Social Network, Scream Queens, Pitch Perfect, and more. Well, you better take the representation of these societies or communities with a grain of salt.

To get ready for the life of a freshman, you must get prepared. So, we are here to help you know the complete details of rushing and Greek life in college!

However, first, let’s learn about the terminology.

What is Rushing?

Rushing is a type of orientation for all fraternities and sororities that are on-premise. You check out different kinds of Greek communities present on your college campus and choose the one you like.

Rushing in College

It entirely depends on the university how it will conduct the rushing. But usually, it starts at the beginning of a new semester, fall and spring. All fraternities and sororities have different rules for the recruitment procedure of their new members.

You can look into the specific details of these communities like whether they are searching for particular interests in members (for example, sports), what they do as a community, what they expect from their members, and what philanthropy they affiliate with.

Interested students can even go to the existing members or the heads of the frat/srat chapter to learn more about their organizations. It also helps to get acquainted with the members, get close to them, and let them know your wish to be a part of their community. You can also use these interactions to decide which house is the most suitable for you.

After the rush, Bid Day is organized, an official ceremony for accepting new members. The existing members of these organizations send out “bids” to the new members they want to recruit. In many fraternities and sororities, big celebrations are held to welcome new members.

Should You Rush or Not?

Rushing and being part of a frat or srat house sounds too exciting. But Greek life is not for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to consider many things before deciding if you even want to be part of these organizations.

The following are some factors that can help you with your decision.

Active Social Life

If you become a part of a Greek organization, you are bound to get connected with many people. Not only the members of your house but also the people you get to meet by associating with the house.

These communities regularly host events, parties, and other get-togethers. You will be expected to help organize and be a part of them.

Leadership Opportunities

If you are looking for an experience as a leader, being a part of a Greek house will give you ample opportunities.

You can take up positions with huge responsibilities like President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.

Money and Time-Consuming

Set your priorities about college straight. Greek life is expensive, both in terms of finance and time.

Go for it if you can afford all the money it demands outside of just housing. But also, be mindful of the time commitment depending on the academics and extracurriculars you are involved in.

Nevertheless, some fraternities and sororities are notorious for the bad treatment of their members and other students. So, you should look out for all these things before deciding.


Fraternities and sororities have their pros and cons. So, if you think being part of a Greek organization is perfect for you, do your own research and don’t make hasty decisions.

However, ensure to enjoy your time at college to the fullest, as you won’t get back these days again in your life!


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