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WGU Student Portal: Western Governors University

About WGU (Western Governors University)

Founded by 19 U.S. governors, WGU (Western Governors University) is a non-profit, private online institution that aims to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities for students. However, it is not a state university.

WGU is a student-centric institute that is deeply involved in the student’s successes and barriers to education. It offers various educational services and opportunities so that students can have easy access to useful resources for the betterment of their lives.

Back in the days, WGU was established with an aim to enhance the higher education model prominent among the governors of the Western Governors Association. However today, WGU is an independent university with its own governance system.

WGU is accredited by the NWCCU (the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities). The NWCCU is a renowned accreditation entity of universities and colleges within the seven-state region including Utah where WGU’s headquarters are located.

Lastly, WGU has been recognized by USDLA (the United States Distance Learning Association) 10 times for their excellence in distance learning.

What is the WGU Student Portal?

WGU Student Portal is a unified online space for students where they access communication tools, important information, announcements, etc. to succeed in academic courses. Students get easy access to student communities, academic calendars, courses, and so much more.

WGU Portal Login

How to Login into the WGU Portal?

To login into the WGU Student Portal, students must abide by the following criteria:

  1. Students must first register to the student portal
  2. Students must access the portal from secure devices
  3. They need to create a unique username and password for secure access
  4. They need to use a good internet connection

Follow these simple steps to login into the WGU Student Portal:

  1. Go to the official WGU website
  2. On the top of the screen there’s a header menu, click on the ‘Student Portal’ tab
  3. Or, you can directly visit the student login link 
  4. This will redirect you to the sign on page
  5. Enter your username and password
  6. Click on ‘Sign On’

This will successfully log you into the WGU student portal.

Login via Mobile Application

Apart from web browsers, students can also access the WGU student portal via a mobile app. For that, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google Play Store and go to WGU Mobile Application
  • Install the application on your smartphone
  • Once it is installed, open the application and enter your username and password

This will successfully log you in to your student account via WGU mobile application. Now, you will be able to access all the features and educational services offered by WGU via mobile app. This application is in sync with your WGU online student portal; hence it will automatically resume your online course where you last left it.

Reset Your Password

In case you want to change your password or you’ve forgotten your password, and you cannot login into your WGU online portal, here’s what you can do:

  1. Open the WGU Student Portal Login Page
  2. Right below the Sign On button, you will see the ‘Reset Password’ option for Students and Employees
  3. Click on the Student link to reset the password
  4. Enter your username and click on ‘Next’
  5. On the email ID linked to your username, you will receive an email with a password reset link
  6. Click on the password reset link
  7. Create a new password and save changes

This will successfully reset your WGU portal password which you can now use to login into your account.

Creating a New Student Account

If you already do not have a WGU student account, you can create one by following below given steps:

  1. Go to the WGU Student Portal Login Page
  2. Below the Sign-On button, you will see the option ‘Create My Account
  3. This will redirect you to the Account Creation Page
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Application PIN that matches with the account information you provided during the initial WGU admission process.

(Note: Application PIN is a 6-digit number that you specify when you fill up the application during WGU Admissions. This PIN is provided to the students in their email by WGU and they’re instructed to use the PIN to create their WGU Student Account. In case you forget your application PIN or you cannot find the email by WGU, you need to retrieve your 6-digit Application PIN. Students that have not paid the application fee or who have not filled out the application cannot create a WGU Student Account. Students need to first fill out the WGU Application form and then proceed further.)

  1. Click on ‘Next’ and on the next page, you will have to answer any 3 security questions. Click on Next. These answers will help you recover your account, so make sure the answers are easy to remember.
  1. On the next page, you will get a system-generated username. Take note of this username, create your password and confirm your password again. Click Next.

This will successfully complete your account creation process. Now you can use this username and password to login into your WGU Student Portal.


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