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UCSD WebReg Portal Login
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UCSD WebReg Portal Login

UCSD WebReg Portal is the student portal for all the students of The University of California, San Diego. The current students of UCSD can login to the portal and register for different classes. Apart from enrolling into classes, the student can access textbooks and reference books from the e-library. The portal also provides the students with the option to either buy or rent the books they choose to read. 

Students can even check their appointment times or the schedule of their classes or events. Even if students want to drop a particular class, they can do so by using this portal. Although the WebReg portal can be opened in both the mobile and web versions, it is generally advised to be open on the desktop web. It is a more secure option and also helps to avoid unnecessary complications. 

How To Login To The UCSD WebReg Portal?

The login process of UCSD WebReg is easy. Follow the following steps to login into your registered dashboard:-

  1. Get started with your desired browser.
  2. Click on the link, and it will redirect you to the official login page of the UCSD WebReg. 
  3. Click on the “MYTRITONLINK” option to proceed further on the updated page.
  4. The new page will show you the Sign-On screen. It will ask you for the login credentials; enter the user ID/PID in the blank space. 
  5. Next, you have to enter the password/PAC. 
  6. Once you enter the correct login credentials, click on the “Sign On” to login. You’ll be redirected to your dashboard.
  7. Select and click the “Classes & Enrollment” menu when the dashboard opens.
  8. A drop-down menu will appear, choose and click the “WebReg” option. Select the session for yourself and click the “Go” button in the final step.

If you are facing problems with the login process, you can contact the UCSD helpline desk. You can contact them through the mail, and this is their mailing address: UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093. The contact number of the UCSD is (858)534-2230.

How To Enroll For Classes On WebReg UCSD?

You can enroll for the class from the “My Schedule” section or directly search in the search feature. 

  1. Get started with your desired browser.
  2. Click on the link and login to your WebReg portal using your correct login credentials.
  3. Go to “My Schedule.” Select the class you want to enroll in, and click the “Enroll” button present on the right-hand side of the class. 
  4. In the next step, enter the grading option. You will get two grading options to choose from Pass/Fail. Choose your grading option and click on the “Confirm” button once you select the grading option. In some classes, the student has the option to select a particular unit to enroll in.
  5. You will receive a message of “Request Successful.” In order to return to the “My Schedule” section, you can close the message. Otherwise, click on the “Send Me Email Confirmation.” It will send the email confirmation of your enrollment, and you will return to the “My Schedule.” 
  6. The class enrollment can also be done by selecting the “Enroll” button directly from the search window. 
  7. You can also check the enrollment of classes. The color of the enrolled class will be different in the List or Calendar.

How To Drop A Class In WebReg UCSD Portal?

The following steps will guide you to drop a class in WebReg UCSD during open registration dates: 

  1. Login to the WebReg UCSD portal and click on the “My Schedule” section from the dashboard. 
  2. On the updated page, spot the action column. Click on the “Drop” option present under the action column. 
  3. On the next page, recheck your class information. There must be warnings, and you should review them before proceeding further. After you check everything, click on “Drop.”
  4. A message saying “Request Successful” will appear. Read the message and close it in order to the “My Schedule option. You can also ask for an email confirmation by clicking on the “Send Me Email Confirmation” option.

What Is Time Conflict In The Class Registration Process? 

Time conflict is also known as “Schedule Conflict.” This situation arises when you enroll in two classes, and the timing of one class overlaps with the timing of another class. In such a case you can’t attend both the classes at the same time. The UCSD recommends not to register for classes with time conflicts. And they don’t consider it safe because:

  • A conflict in schedule can lead to conflicts in the final examination.
  • The final exam schedule can not be rescheduled according to your convenience. 
  • As you have two classes at the same time, you have to attend both the classes simultaneously, which is impossible.


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