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Rutgers WebReg Portal

Rutgers WebReg Portal refers to the web-based application used by the students of Rutgers University. It lets students manage their courses, register for courses, drop courses, schedule their appointment, view their schedules & planner and even handle their course registration and lookup.

How To Login To Rutgers WebReg Portal?

Suppose you’re a student of Rutgers University and wish to log in to your Rutgers WebReg portal; follow the following steps:

  1. Refresh and launch your desired browser. 
  2. Click and navigate to
  3. Click on the “Login” Option.
  4. You will see a list of login options, i.e., Rutgers Student, Visiting Student, and Alternative Rutgers Student login. 
  5. If you choose “Rutgers student,” a new screen where you need to enter your Rutgers Student NetID and password. After filling in the details, click on the “Login” button.
  6. If you choose “Alternative Rutgers Student Login,” a new window comes up where you need to enter your Rutgers Student RUID-PAC and password. PAC refers to the Personal Access Code, which you must use alongside your 9-digit RUID number while registering yourself to the web. The PAC is generally a 4-digit code made from the student’s month and date of birth. For example, if your birthday is on February 12, your PAC Code would be 0212. Enter the details and click on “Login.”
  7. However, in case you choose “Visiting Student,” fill in the login details you’re asked for. Next, select the term for which you want to browse. After selecting the term, click on “Continue.” Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to your university Rutgers WebReg portal. 

How To Add Courses On WebReg Portal? 

If you want to add some courses to the WebReg student portal, here’s how you can do it. 

  1. Refresh and launch your browser. 
  2. Navigate to and log in to your WebReg Portal using your login details. 
  3. After logging in successfully, in the new screen, you can see the Rutgers banner in the top right corner alongside your name and RUID. Below the banner, you’ll find your school, semester, credits attempted for that particular semester, and the total credits earned. You can also find three tabs, i.e., “Course Lookup,” “Manage Registration,” and “View/Print Schedule.” Click on the “Course Lookup” tab. 
  4. Select your term, location, and level of study you wish to register yourself in on the next screen. Next, search and select the courses you want to register yourself for.
  5. After finding the particular course, don’t forget to click on “Register” present on the right-hand side of the course. Now, in the “Manage Registration” tab, you can see the index number of the course in the “Add to Registration” section.
  6. Click on “Add courses.” Congratulations! You’re finally registered for the course. You can find that particular course in the “Registered Courses” section. 

However, in case you’re unable to find your course in the “Registered Course” section, check the “Transaction Summary” section under the “Manage Registration” tab to find out why you couldn’t register for the course.

How To Drop A Course On WebReg Portal? 

In case you want to drop your ongoing or registered course, you can carry on with the following steps:

  1. Refresh and launch your browser. 
  2. Navigate to and login to your WebReg Portal using your login details. 
  3. After logging in successfully, click on the “Manage Registration” tab on the new screen. 
  4. Here, you can see a list of courses you’ve registered yourself for. On the right-hand side of the course, you will find the “Drop” button. Click on it. 
  5. A pop-up window appears asking you for the confirmation, thus saying, “Are you sure you want to drop the course?” Click on the “Ok” button.
  6. Congratulations! You’ve successfully dropped from your registered course.

Things You Need To Know About WebReg Restrictions 

In the case of undergraduate students, those falling into the following category are restricted from accessing WebReg. 

  1. NMS Students (non-matriculated) and first-year undergraduate students.
  2. Every undergraduate student in SPAA, UC-N, NCAS, and SCJ has a low cumulative average of 2.0. 
  3. Every undergraduate Newark Student (RBS) whose cumulative average is relatively too low than 2.5.
  4. The students who have been academically suspended from their current semester. 
  5. Students whom the Dean has put on probation. 

In the case of graduate students, almost all have access to the WebReg portal. However, some students falling into the following category are restricted from accessing WebReg.

  1. All the NMS Students
  2. Ph.D. Applied Math Students students
  3. Ph.D. Management students.

Moreover, students who haven’t cleared their payments in their Student Accounts and have an unpaid balance cannot access the Rutgers WebReg portal. All the students who cannot access the WebReg portal can contact their academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar. Moreover, you can also reach out to the helpline desk at (973) 5551766 and (973) 5567779.


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