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MySlice Syracuse University

MySlice refers to the cloud-based official service portal of Syracuse University, which keeps records of academic, administrative, employment, and financial matters of the university. It lets students register for their classes, get important notifications, select their meal plans & housing, view grades and clear off their pending bursar bills. Besides, instructors, staff, and other faculty members can manage their benefits, view paybacks, upload grades, and do much more. 

mySlice Syracuse Login

How To Log Into MySlice? 

If you’re a student of Syracuse University and wish to log into your MySlice, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Hit the “Student-Faculty-Staff button.”
  4. It will redirect you to a Microsoft Outlook sign-in page.
  5. A new window pops up asking you to enter your full Syracuse University email address. Enter it and hit the “Next” button.
  6. Next, you need to enter your password. Click on the “Sign In” option after entering your password. 
  7. You have to attempt Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by Microsoft. After passing the 2FA successfully, you will be logged in to your account.

How To Reset Your MySlice Syracuse University Forgotten Password? 

In case you’ve forgotten your MySlice password, you can reset your password by following the procedure below.  

  1. Launch and open your preferred browser. 
  2. Navigate to
  3. It will navigate to the login page of the Student Portal login page of MySlice.
  4. After that, hit the “Forgot Password” option. 
  5. A new interface will ask you to follow the instructions carefully and do as instructed. Follow the instructions carefully to reset your MySlice password.

How To Activate Your MySlice Syracuse University Account? 

After getting admission in the university, you have to activate your NetID to access your university systems like Blackboard and MySlice. NETID refers to a personal identifier to which every student, faculty, and staff is assigned. All the working members of the university must have a NETID which lets them access the SU computing resources. NETID is the combination of the initials and lasts of an individual’s name and a number.

Every NETID owner must change their passwords at least once every twelve months. Moreover, the server sends email notifications to the owners prior to 30 days of their password expiry. In case the password is expired, the NETID is automatically disabled, which leads to the loss of information saved in the particular NETID and password. 

Follow the following steps to activate your NETID.

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. Hit the “Activate Your NetID” option. 
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the screen and fill in your SUID number. The SUID number is provided during the admission and is present on the SUID card or the letter received initially from SU financial aid. Once your application is successfully saved in the system, you will receive a confirmation email to provide access to your SUID. 

How To View Your Schedule in MySlice Syracuse University MySlice?

In case you want to see your class schedule in MySlice Syracuse University, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Login to your MySlice dashboard to access the main menu page. After that, you can access your schedule and grades from this page. 
  2. The right-hand side of the page must have a student services area, where you can search for the enrollment section.
  3. Under the enrollment section, you can get the option of “View my class schedule.” Click on it. It will redirect to a fresh page.
  4. The updated page will ask you to select your term beside the career degree option. On selecting your term, click on “Continue”.  It will automatically redirect you will to the schedule page.
  5. The resulting page will show your schedule. It will have all your classes, dates along with the time. You can also get the information about the classroom number and the instructor. 


SUMail is the official email for every student of Syracuse University. It utilizes the cloud services of Microsoft. Your email address in SUMail will go like your Besides, while singing in your email, you will use the same password which you use for your NETID. For example, Suppose your NETID is: xyzsmith, then your email address in SUMAIL will be

The students who recently got admission in the college will receive an official email address within 24-48 of submission of the Intent to Register Form (graduate, Law), Admissions Acceptance Form (undergraduate), and paid tuition deposit. In case you’re a first-time non-matriculated student, you’ll be assigned the email address and other details within 1 day of submitting your registration form. 

Besides, you will receive all the important information related to your MySlice account, Blackboard, and other accounts provided to you in your official email address, i.e., email address. In addition, the university email will also keep you updated regarding scheduled maintenance, downtimes etc.)

Syracuse Blackboard 

Syracuse Blackboard refers to the university’s supported LMS (learning management system). After registration, a student’s profile and account are already set up in the student’s course. Moreover, you can acess your Blackboard account using the same NETID and password you used to log in to your MySlice. 

Moreover, you can see the courses on your Blackboard dashboard after your instructor makes them available. After the instructor makes your courses available to you, you can access your current as well as past courses.


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