My Centennialcollege Login

My Centennialcollege College Portal refers to the online student portal which all the Centennial College students can access to clear their due fees, enrol in courses, communicate with peers, and perform other such academic tasks. It also lets students access their course materials and assignments, grades, and information on class rankings and attend discussion boards.

my centennialcollege login

How To Login To My CentennialCollege?

Here’s the guide which will help you login your My Centennialcollege:

  1. Open and launch your browser. 
  2. Navigate to
  3. You’ll be require to enter your username and password on the login page. Your username refers to the 9-digit Centennial College ID, which you’ll find in your offer letter. Enter your username and password. 
  4. After filling in the details carefully, hit the “Sign In” button.
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully signed in and will be redirected to your dashboard. 

How To Change Your My Centennialcollege Password? 

In case you’ve forgotten or lost your password and are unable to login into your My Centennialcollege Portal, here’s how you can change it:

  1. Get started with your browser and navigate to
  2. Hit the “My Account” present in the top-most left corner of the page.
  3. You will find the “Change Password” section. You’ll be asked to enter your current password and new password in this section. Enter the following details. While entering your new password, make sure to adhere to the password guidelines present in the top right of the page. 
  4. The next screen will ask you to confirm your new password by typing it again. Enter your new password again and hit the “Confirm Password” option.
  5. Hit the “Save Changes” button present in the bottom right-hand side corner of the page. Once you click on the button, a confirmation message reading “Your password has been successfully changed” will appear on the screen. Now, you can retuen to the login page and login into the portal using your new credentials.

How To Access Your Course In Centennialcollege?

In case you’re a new student and are unable to access your courses in the Centennial College student portal, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Get started with your browser and navigate to
  2. Login to your dashboard using your correct credentials. 
  3. Once you’re in, click on “Content” present in the top bar.
  4. A course outline under the headline “Content For The Entire Course” comes up at the top of the screen.
  5. In the side menu, you’ll see the weeks. The various weeks contain the content which you need to cover in a particular week. Click on the week whose content you wish to watch.
  6. Hit the file title and open it. In case you want to pin your semester courses for easy navigation, you can also do it.
  7. If you use “ReadSpeaker,” you can hear your chosen course content like an audiobook on the portal.


However, in case you’re a new student, you’ll be assigned a student number and a temporary password right after you accept the offer letter from the university. Your temporary password will be the exact copy of your date of birth in (MMDDYY) format.

How To Take And Appear A Quiz On My Centennialcollege Portal?

If you want to take an online quiz on MyCentennialcollege portal, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Get started with your browser and navigate to
  2. Login to your dashboard using your correct credentials. 
  3. Once you’re in, click on “Quizzes” present in the top bar. 
  4. A drop-down menu comes up showing the list of quizzes you can take up. Click on the quiz you want to take. The link will redirect you to the homepage of that particular quiz. 
  5. On the homepage of the quiz, click on “Start Quiz.”
  6. A pop-up box opens up asking for confirmation. Click on “Ok” if you want to take the quiz. If you’re not interested in taking the quiz, click “Cancel.”
  7. Now you’ll be redirected to the quiz page. While answering the questions, don’t forget to save your answers by clicking on “Save,” which is present underneath every question at the bottom of the page.
  8. After completing the questions, hit the “Submit Quiz” button.
  9. A confirmation pop-up comes up. If you are willing to submit the quiz, click on “Yes.” Once you have submitted your quiz, you cannot reappear or redo it without special permission from your instructor.

How To View Your Grades In the Portal? 

In case you want to access and view your grades in My Centennialcollege Portal, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to
  2. Login to your dashboard using your correct credentials. 
  3. Once you’re in, click on “Grades.” 
  4. You can see your grades according to each assignment on the next screen. You will see both the letter grade and grade points for every assignment.
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