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Mormon Colleges in the US

Mormon Colleges in the US

College life is known to everyone for its new experiences and learning while getting out of your comfort zone. But it isn’t easy to move into a completely foreign environment and try to settle in it while managing to thrive in it. However, a little familiarity always helps in better adaptation and keeps you from hesitating to achieve more.

Mormon Colleges in the US

Different colleges and universities run on different beliefs and ideologies. But if you are a Mormon student looking for a place of learning affiliated with the Church, you must check out the below list of Mormon colleges in the country.

Mormon Colleges in the US

There are primarily 2 universities/colleges in the nation that directly affiliate with the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

But in this list, we have also compiled universities or colleges that are popular amongst Mormon students and are suitable for their practices and faith.

Colleges Affiliated with the Church

Here’s a list of colleges affiliated with the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

1. Brigham Young University

BYU is the most popular university established explicitly for the Mormon faith. The religious leader, Brigham Young, founded this institute in 1875. The university is named after him.

The purpose of this university was to teach young people about the Mormon faith. The Church of Latter-Day Saints entirely operates and sponsors the university. Around 98% of the student body here are members of the Church.

Besides, the university has Provo, Hawaii, and Idaho campuses. You can opt for any depending on your suitability.

  • Provo Campus

The undergraduate and graduate programs offered here are of a vast range, from STEM degrees to languages.

Although most students belong to the Mormon faith, the university still maintains a diverse student body, with more than 100 languages spoken on campus.

Besides, the university provides many career opportunities, from internships to placements.

  • Hawaii Campus

This campus of BYU is relatively smaller than the others, with a few thousand students. But its affiliation with the Church, excellent curriculum with a wide range of programs, and consistent student employment record is evidence of the university’s capabilities.

Besides academics, pupils can also comfortably practice their religion here through wards that are active in events, thereby helping grow their faith.

  • Idaho Campus

This campus makes Brigham Young University the biggest private institution in the state of Idaho. Along with a massive number of students on campus, Idaho BYU is also well-known for its online programs.

Therefore, it has thousands of students in the university pursuing fully online degrees or certificate courses. Besides, it has many sources for students to grow spiritually, from media to spiritual groups.

2. Ensign College

This Salk Lake City College, founded in 1886, was formerly and popularly known as the LDS University. The college’s name was recently changed from LDS Business School to Ensign College.

It was supposed to be a university when it was first established. But with the foundation of Brigham Young University, it resorted to being a college.

The most popular program here is General Studies, the department consisting of around 30% of the student population. Besides, it is also well-known for its Business programs.

The college offers fully online degrees and many other online certificate courses too. While maintaining the values of the Mormon faith, it also includes an Institute of Religion.

Other Colleges in the US that Follow the Mormon Faith

This set of colleges does not operate under or affiliate with the Church of Latter-Day Saints. But the environment here is comfortable for all Mormon students. Hence, they prefer studying in these universities/colleges.

1. Southern Virginia University

SVU was founded in 1867 in Virginia during the post-Civil War times. It was first established as a school for girls with a minimal number of courses.

Today, it has expanded to many disciplines, establishing its liberal arts curriculum. Business and administration-related courses are the most pursued programs in the university.

However, they only offer undergraduate degrees. Therefore, it is a smaller university than others.

Southern Virginia University does not officially affiliate with the Church or the religion. Still, they follow the values and teachings of the Church, making it a perfect place for Mormon students.

2. Utah Tech University

Being the state with the highest Mormon population, Utah, of course, has an abundance of universities that are friendly to the people of the Mormon faith. Utah Tech University is one of them.

The LDS Church founded this institute under the former name of Dixie Junior College. However, the amendment of the present name of the university is a recent scenario.

Since the Church previously operated it, the institute still carries the values. Also, it maintains an environment according to the Code of Honor found in any other Mormon university.

Although the university is famous for its nursing and liberal arts programs, it offers many other courses in different disciplines.

3. Snow College

The only public community college on this list, Snow College, was founded in 1888 in Ephraim, Utah. The school establishment entirely depended on donations collected by the local citizens. It was named after the last names of two leaders of the LDS Church.

Besides offering engineering programs, Snow is well-known for its acclaimed commercial music and theatre programs. The Julliard Drama Division even accredits the theatre program.

Although it went through a transfer from the Church’s affiliation to the State of Utah, the spiritual environment is perfect for Mormon students and has a strict system of values.

This institute offers various online courses, while the campus has a safe residential area for those who wish to attend offline.


So, this is the list of colleges you can support your shortlist with if you belong to the Mormon faith and wish to grow spiritually.

All of these colleges have many students that are members of the Church, but they also have people who are unrelated to the religion. Hence, this will keep you open to newer world views and opinions.

So, good luck with finalizing the perfect institute for yourself!


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