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MathsWatch Portal: Guide to MathsWatch Login

MathsWatch Portal is a VLE (virtual learning environment) where students from any corner of the world can learn Maths on an online platform 24×7. Developed in 2016 by MathsWatch Limited of the UK, the platform contains video tutorials, worksheets, practice questions, interactive questions, and many such things to make the content of Maths KS3 and GCSE more interactive, funny, and knowledgeable for the students. 

Features Of MathsWatch Portal 

MathsWatch Portal assists the students in achieving their maximum potential in Mathematics with various tools and tutorials. Let’s look at the features of the MatchWatch Portal. 

For Students:

  1. Every student is assigned an individual username and their respective password, which they will use to login into the MathsWatch portal.
  2. MathsWatch portal enables students to manage their subscription plans. 
  3. Students can even add the links to the MathsWatch videos to their Vimeo account. Moreover, they can view all their assignments and past assignments, and they can also review their marks. They can even browse and use online video tutorials, quizzes, and assignments.
  4. Students will also receive alerts and messages about their achievements and other important announcements.

For Schools:

  1. Every school has the ability to add its students to the portal, thus uploading their data about class and other such details.
  2. MathsWatch contains a pool of pre-created questions which schools can use while creating their assignments.
  3. MathsWatch lets schools create freeform questions, wherein students can type long text answers. The portal then evaluates the students on the basis of this.
  4. Schools can also set homework and formulate intervention assignments and tests with deadlines and limits.
  5. MathsWatch also helps students by offering them an automatic marking system for all the assignments submitted by the students.
  6. MathsWatch also provides detailed reports to the schools on students’ performance in a particular class. 
  7. Schools can even download analysis spreadsheets where the struggling students are highlighted.

Mathswatch Login

How To Log In To MathsWatch? 

If you are a student and want to access Mathswatch Virtual Learning Environment, then follow the following steps:

  1. Launch and get started with your desired browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. A new screen opens up, which asks you to enter your username and password. Your username would be in the following format “SURNAME Firstname@schoolname.” The login details are often provided to the students by their teacher. Fill in the details carefully and hit the “Login” button.
  4. After you sign in, your new screen will automatically take you to the “My Work” section, where you can see the tasks your teacher has assigned to you along with your due date.

How To Change Your MathsWatch Password? 

In case you want to change your MathsWatch Portal password, follow the following steps:

  1. Open and launch your desired browser.
  2. Navigate to Login to your account using the correct details provided by your teacher.
  3. After logging in, you can see your account in the top right corner of the page. 
  4. Click on your account and then select “My Details.”
  5. A new window pops up wherein you will be asked to enter your new password. You need to re-enter your new password in order to confirm it. Ensure that your password contains both letters and numbers and has no less than 6 characters. Moreover, you cannot save the word “password” as your password. 
  6. After entering the details, click on the “Submit” button. 
  7. You will see a confirmation message on the screen: “Your details have been updated successfully.”

However, if you forget or lose your password, you need to reach out to your administrator or your teacher, who will help you in getting a new password.

How To Use MathsWatch Portal? 

If you’re a new student struggling to find out how to use MathsWatch Portal, here’s how to use it. 

Login to your MathsWatch portal using the correct login details provided to you by your teacher. The “My Work” section shows the list of works and assignments assigned to the student by their instructor. The “Videos” section contains short learning videos on various topics. When you click on “Video,” a drop-down menu showing two options (i.e., GCSE or KS3) comes up. Select your course.

A new window comes up with a list of videos on topics related to the chosen course. Select the video which you want to watch. After watching the video, you can also complete the to-do questions. The videos and questions you answered are recorded in the “My Progress” section. 

The “Extras” sections contain additional information for the student’s learning. The “One Minute Maths” tab contains shorter videos that students can watch for revising important topics. The “Interactive Questions” Tab contains interactive questions which students can answer online. The portal will mark and grade it instantly, along with feedback and review.

The “Maths Worksheet” tab opens up a file that contains worksheets on the topic chosen by the student. Students can either print and practice or work out online by writing their answers in pupil’s exercise book. Moreover, here’s a link to help you where you can find answers to all your MathsWatch questions:

How To Type Answers In MathsWatch?

In MathsWatch, you can answer your questions in any order. While typing your answer, if you want to type a mathematical symbol, fraction, root, power, or mixed numbers, you can use the “+” button in your answer box. Once you complete writing your answer, click on the “Submit Answer” button.Your answer is automatically saved. 

Moreover, if you have completed the assignment half and are in a hurry, you can click on “Submit Assignment.” You can come back later and start off again from where you had left. After you finally submit your assignment, MathsWatch will check it instantly, thus providing you with feedback. If your answer is incorrect, you can attempt the question once again and keep trying until you get it right. However, in case you feel stuck, you can watch the video tutorial and try again. 


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