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Community Colleges in the USA

10 Largest Community Colleges

A community college or junior college is an institution for higher education that aims to make learning accessible and affordable, we look at the 10 largest community colleges. Community colleges offer 2-year associate degree programs that serve as a gateway to 4-year university courses for students.

Largest Community Colleges in the USA

Thus, when you transfer to a 4-year bachelor’s course after completion of the 2-years associate degree program, you can get the bachelor’s degree in just 2 years instead of the usual 4 years, as the first 2 years were already undertaken in a community college.

Apart from a 4-year bachelor’s degree, there are also a variety of vocational courses available that you can pursue after completing 2-years in the community college to bag a job quickly.

Thus, by studying in 2-years community colleges, you not only save significant money on your tuition fees but also these courses render you ample educational and job opportunities.

10 Largest Community Colleges in the USA

Usually, community colleges offer remedial education, high school diplomas, GEDs, and in some cases, 4-year degrees.

So, here is a list of the largest community colleges in the USA you can consider enrolling in for a great educational experience.

1. Dallas College

Dallas College is a community college that has 7 different campuses in Dallas County. Established in 1965, it is one of the largest community colleges in the country. It offers more than 300 academic and technical degrees and certificates.

The institute has partnerships with 4-year universities to transfer the credits of their students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. However, they also offer their own 4-year degrees.

Application to the college is open to students of all ages, ranging from young adults in their early 20s to older people with decades of life experience and a desire to gain education in a particular field.

Apart from excellent academic facilities, the college also organizes a variety of extracurricular activities for the personal growth of its students.

2. Lone Star College

Lone Star College was established in 1972 and currently has 8 campuses in the country, including an online mode.

The community college has over 200 degrees and certification programs. And it offers financial aid to students to make education more accessible.

This community college has its own bachelor’s degree courses along with its transfer program. The transfer advising option is available for those who need help planning their credit transfer to a different 4-year university after completion of 2-years in this college.

3. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community college was established in 1963 and offers about 76 academic programs. An associate degree can be obtained here, along with a transfer to a 4-year university.

The college also has an option for financial aid for its students.

High school students can enroll and take extra courses in this junior college. Also, the institute facilitates golden opportunities for dual credit in high school and studying abroad.

4. Northern Virginia Community College

Northern Virginia Community College offers the chance to obtain an associate’s degree or certificate program in more than a hundred courses. They also provide distance learning through NOVA online and continuing education courses through Workforce Development.

This institute offers credits for prior learning, non-credit courses, and an honors program for students that can benefit from advanced teaching and mentoring. The class timings are pretty flexible, and you can choose a full semester or a shorter one in case of other commitments.

5. Houston Community College

Houston Community College has been accredited to award associate degrees to students. And it has 21 campuses around Houston. Aside from its various degree programs, it also offers extended learning in adult education and apprenticeship programs.

This institute organizes fun workshops and exciting events on campus as a part of extracurricular activities. Also, offline, online, and hybrid learning options are available here.

6. Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College was established in July 1965 and is a 2-year college. Along with regular credit courses, this institute also offers continuing education programs, high school programs, and an opportunity to study abroad.

Many services are available, such as robust support, transfer resources, and financial aid. Also, participation in student clubs, leadership groups, and other cultural activities is encouraged in this institute.

Moreover, this junior college has an apprentice opportunity program that offers students classroom learning along with on-the-job training that can give you a better understanding of what industrial work will be like.

7. Austin Community College

Austin Community College offers students a chance to earn an associate degree, learn skills that will help them in the job market, and advance in their careers. This institute has 11 campuses in the country and over 100 programs to enroll in.

Opportunities are available to gain dual credits in high school, earn a transferable associate degree while working towards your high school diploma, and undertake career programs that help in real-world employment while transferring credits for a bachelor’s degree. Besides, financial aid is also available at this college.

8. Collin College

Collin College began its educational stint in 1985 and now offers more than 100 degrees and certificates in various fields.

It facilitates offline, online, and hybrid modes of learning. There is also an option of weekend classes to accommodate those who work full-time and students willing to accelerate the pace of getting their degree. Moreover, this institute offers various scholarship schemes for students needing financial aid.

9. East Los Angeles Community College

East Los Angeles Community College offers the opportunity to learn through offline, online, and hybrid modes. It provides a variety of courses from 50 fields of study. They also offer free non-credit courses that improve your skills and help you adjust credit courses.

This institute offers an international student program that offers associate degrees transferable to another university for the remaining 2 years of a usual 4-year degree course. Financial aid is also available through scholarships and extensive placement opportunities.

10. Pasadena City College

Pasadena city college is a community college based in California founded in 1924. It offers transferable associate degrees in various courses across diverse fields and streams.

Moreover, financial aid is available through grants, scholarships, work-study options, and a specific California College promise grant, which guarantees free education if a student is eligible according to predefined requirements.

Aside from academics, over 80 student clubs in this junior college encourage students to opt for extracurricular activities.


Community college is an excellent way of accessing higher education at lower rates and flexible timings, especially if you don’t fall into the conventional student bracket. It is also relatively easy to get into as most of them don’t have a typical entrance test and only require you to answer a placement test to gauge your knowledge of the subject.

So, if you are searching for a good community college in the USA, you can opt for any of the above.


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