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How do you find the best sororities? While college is primarily about academics and extra-curricular activities you want to build your career in, you should never limit yourself to them. Experiencing university should give you a holistic personal development, and involving yourself in the social life of college can be of great help.


If you are fresh out of high school and a little lost about what to do in college in terms of socializing, you might want to consider joining a sorority as a female college aspirant. Sororities are a great way of not only finding a close-knit group of friends but also working towards the developmental goals that help you build many skills, including leadership and teamwork.

There are many sororities all over the country to choose from, so it might get a bit confusing. Thus, here’s a list of the 10 largest American sororities you might want to choose from.

10 Largest Sororities in America

The following list goes over the sororities’ philanthropy, their roles in their affiliated colleges, and their responsibility to the larger society. So, have a glance!

1. Delta Sigma Theta

Number of Members: More than 300,000

This sorority is known for being the largest Greek-letter community of black women. They have promoted dedication to academics and also helped others with it.

They prioritize community service over everything else. This sorority has collaborated with various organizations that work toward the welfare of different parts of society.

Moreover, they are governed by a “five-point” program that focuses on economic and educational development, international and political awareness and involvement, and physical and mental health.

2. Zeta Tau Alpha

Number of Members: 280,000+

The second-largest sorority in the country, Zeta Tau Alpha, was founded in 1898 at Virginia State Female Normal School. This community aims to impact the world and has a future-oriented vision in everything they do. Consequently, their members are always present for each other to provide support during the dynamic college years.

Their foundation is concerned with causes like breast cancer, education, etc.; therefore, they have partnered with many organizations and trusts that work for those social causes.

3. Kappa Alpha Theta

Number of Members: 250,000

Kappa Alpha Theta is one of the oldest sororities in the USA. It was created amidst the predominantly male population in the world of academia, all the way back in 1870.

They are not only active in fundraising for various causes but also dedicate themselves to developing scholarship schemes and leadership traits. Following this, they commenced the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation and the National CASA/GAL Association for Children to promote better education and learning.

They are also popular for a long list of notable alumnae, most of them being actresses from Hollywood.

4. Alpha Phi

Number of Members: 250,000

Like a consistent theme in all sororities’ origin, this one was founded by the women of Syracuse University as a part of their women empowerment goals.

Its foundation gives merit-based financial support to its members. Its mission works toward causes related to health and well-being. Also, the members organize events like blood donation drives and fundraisers for women’s heart health.

5. Delta Delta Delta

Number of Members: 238,000

One of the oldest, this sorority is also known as the TriDelta. Starting in Boston, their vision was based on feminism, promoting the intellectual development of women more than their physical appearance.

The diverse set of members come together to form a group of strong women who are sincere about reaching goals both on personal and community levels. Moreover, TriDelts have raised an overwhelming amount of money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for over 20 years.

6. Kappa Kappa Gamma

Number of Members: 235,000

Starting with 6 members in Monmouth College, Kappa Kappa Gamma boasts its close-knit group of sisters and the learning attitude of all its members.

Their philanthropy caters to the needs of its members, the immediate community, and the larger society globally. Besides, they work with an organization called Reading is Fundamental, which helps children read who don’t have easy access to books.

The sorority also helps its members financially through its Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation in times of hardship.

7. Pi Beta Phi

Number of Members: 230,000

Pi Beta Phi was established in 1867 in Monmouth College by 12 women. This sorority is connected to 6 core values: Integrity, Lifelong Commitment, Honor and Respect, Personal and Intellectual Growth, Philanthropic Service to Others, and Sincere Friendship.

They also have their own magazine publication for the members and alumnae to stay connected with each other through stories, news, and anecdotes. They put in all their efforts today to create the leaders of tomorrow through their active students in every college.

8. Gamma Phi Beta

Number of Members: 224,000+

Established as a group to end the gender alienation in their college, Gamma Phi Beta was born at Syracuse University. This organization first coined the term “sorority.”

The members of this sorority have whole-heartedly dedicated themselves to regular volunteering whenever needed for the development of their organization.

9. Alpha Omicron Pi

Number of members: 191,000+

Founded in New York’s Barnard College, this sorority is about creating strong bonds and looking past each other’s differences to embrace unique identities and make lifelong friendships.

The sorority works towards the fight against Arthritis through donations to the Arthritis Foundation.

10. Phi Mu

Number of members: 185,000+

As the second oldest sorority in the history of American Greek life organizations, the main goal of Phi Mu is to develop its members academically and intellectually so they can flourish in their careers.

They collaborate with Children’s Miracle Network to do their part in helping the underprivileged. This association has also shown genuine concern and extended help toward the health of women and children.


All students have different views that attract them to particular sororities. Being part of one of the largest sisterhood organizations helps with personal skill development and gives you ample opportunities to contribute toward global goals.

A sorority gives you a lifetime’s worth of networks and experiences that will always help you in your future prospects. So, good luck with choosing a sorority for yourself!


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