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Externship vs. Internship: What is the Difference
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Externship vs. Internship: What is the Difference?

Externships and internships are temporary jobs that train students or individuals in a particular skill in a field of their choice. Both render you the needful learning experience to succeed in your chosen profession. In addition, they help you comprehend the responsibilities you will have to handle in your full-time job.

Externship vs. Internship: What is the Difference

Besides, internships and externships also shape your resume, helping you land your dream job. However, what is the difference between the two? Which one offers more value? Well, you will get to know the answers to all these questions in this article. So, stay tuned to learn about them all!

Differences Between Internships and Externships

Internships make you career-ready, while externships help you choose a better career. So, learn everything about internships and externships and how they differ in the coming sections.

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Internships are short-term training with hands-on experience that helps you sharpen your skills and prepare yourself for a real job. You can take up paid or voluntary internships to gain the necessary understanding of your field. It may last for a few months or a year.

These are typically suitable for college students or those who wish to switch careers. Some degrees require you to complete a certain internship period to receive credits. Thus, students who take up internships have more chances of bagging job offers after course completion.

On the contrary, students who haven’t done internships have lower chances of getting a job offer. As per a survey, those with experience in voluntary and paid internships received maximum offers, with paid ones getting the most job opportunities.

What are the Responsibilities of an Intern?

An intern may have to do the following tasks in an internship.

  • Assist in the day-to-day tasks of the organization
  • Make presentations, research topics, draft reports, etc.
  • Communicate with team members and connect with clients as and when needed
  • Respond to emails, interact with clients, and manage social media accounts

What Do You Learn from an Internship?

Internships can teach you many things, including honing your skills and utilizing them to create a successful project. In addition, you learn to take up responsibilities and work as a team. You may even take in hard skills you didn’t have before, which, in turn, helps you get better in your field.

Also, internships give you detailed insights into your hidden talents and skills. For example, your ability to mingle with others can prove highly beneficial while working in a team. Also, you get a chance to brush up on your communication skills and learn to be a better listener, enhancing your overall capability and making you more productive.

Internships offer a perfect space to expand your knowledge and work under the guidance of industry professionals. In addition, it assists you in becoming job-ready by providing you with a thorough understanding of your chosen field.



Externships also provide a short-term learning experience. However, externs do not complete tasks or work under anyone. Instead, they follow around professionals who excel in their field. They learn by observing the functioning of the organization.

The duration of externships is significantly less than that of internships. While internships can last up to a year, externships only prevail for a few weeks. Some may last for a few days or even a day. For this reason, externships are mostly unpaid.

Externships are beneficial to those students who are unable to make a career choice. Thus, observing professionals working in a field can help them understand the job requirements better. In addition, it helps them know whether the particular career field is suitable for them or not.

So, people who wish to make a career change can largely benefit from externships. They offer a better view of the profession they intend to pursue and ensure it is best suited for them.

What are the Responsibilities of an Extern?

Externs have to do a lot of observational tasks. Although they do not get involved in the functionalities of the organization, they have the following responsibilities.

  • Shadowing their mentor and observing their work
  • Attending conferences and making notes for oneself
  • Observing the operations of the organization
  • Interviewing staff to get informational insights
  • Getting involved in small projects

What Do You Learn from an Externship?

Externships offer an extensive learning experience in a short span. You can learn various aspects of the profession within a few days or weeks. However, since externs are on an observation period, you can only get to the top layer of the job.

Externships can help students and those who wish to make a career change understand the functioning of their preferred field from within. It adds to their experience and aids them in making better decisions.

Besides, externships offer an excellent opportunity to network and connect with industry professionals. It also adds value to your resume if you choose to pursue a career in the respective field.

How is a Medical Externship Different?

Medical externships are different from other externships because, unlike others, nursing externs get paid. As a result, nursing students gain in-depth experience from their superiors and get paid for their contributions.

Externships help medical students who will become future doctors determine their specialty. In addition, it gives them insight into various aspects of practicing medicine.

How to Land an Externship as a Student?

Getting an externship requires intense networking skills. Therefore, you need to have a good repertoire with your professors who can help you connect with their colleagues.

The career services at your college can also help you get an externship opportunity. Attending conferences and college meets can provide a chance to meet professionals.

Besides, excellent communication skills are crucial to landing an externship in a reputable company. You can also use social media to establish connections and land your next externship.

End Words

Externships and internships open up a world of opportunities and possibilities for students. In addition, they help you gain valuable knowledge about the field you intend to pursue in a short amount of time.

Internships offer a detailed perspective of the functions you will have to perform in a particular niche. On the other hand, externships give you an overview of the working mechanism of an organization in a specific industry and help you make the right choice regarding your career.

Both add value to your resume and prepare you for future job endeavors.

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