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Dental Schools in Canada
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Dental Schools In Canada

Are you a dental student? And do you want to know what the top dental schools in Canada are? Canada is known as an amazing education destination that offers a student-friendly environment, minimal fees, and high-quality jobs. But, to acquire a high-quality job, especially in Dentistry, you need a degree from a reputed dental school. Thus, keep reading this article to learn all about the best dental schools in Canada.

Dental Schools in Canada

1. University of British Columbia – Faculty of Dentistry

The University of British Columbia – Faculty of Dentistry, named after the British Columbia province, is the best public dental school in the country. The school is known to have an exceptional vision for shaping future experts in dentistry by having quality programs, teaching facilities, and numerous research activities.

Around 20 thousand international students are studying at UBC. Thus, UBC is renowned for hosting a large number of international students. The minimum CGPA required to apply for admission to the UBC dental program is 70%, and after that, the applicant has to do well in the Dental Aptitude Test(DAT). 

The faculty of dentistry provides a long list of clinical programs at UBC. Starting from Undergraduate programs like Doctor of dental medicine and dental hygiene degree, the faculty provides graduate, post-graduate, and dental specialty assessment and training programs.

Some of the most prominent alumni of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry are Dr. William Hadaway, Dr. Alnorr Somji, Dr. Terry Kline, and Dr. Kwesi Baffoe.

2. Western University Schulich- School of Medicine and Dentistry

The Western University Schulich – School of Medicine and Dentistry combines two areas of healthcare, namely Medicine and Dentistry, with utmost perfection. It’s one of the best dental schools in Canada that provides education to both domestic and international students.

The School offers 8 types of education programs for dentistry. These are Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMSC), Medicine (PGME), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Doctor of dental surgery (DDS), and many more.

The Alumni list of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry is large and famed. Some of the most famous ones are Dr. Lisa Bentley, Dr. William Clark, Dr. Sanjiv Mathur, Dr. Linna Li, Dr. Andrew Wiles, and Dr. Sarah Davies.

3. University of Toronto – Faculty of Dentistry

The faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto is the largest dental school in Canada. They are renowned for providing all 10 dental specialties for the last 50 years.

They put specific importance on specialist faculty staff and put an enormous focus on dealing with the clinical, academic, and practical knowledge of students to produce exceptional graduates. There are two categories of courses offered by the Faculty of Dentistry at UT, namely didactic and clinical. Once the students acquire the required didactic knowledge, they can take clinical courses for clinical competence.

Out of the 8000-plus alumni, John B. MacDonald, Dennis Smith, Jack Gerrow, Tom Harle, Norman Levine, Bryan E. Walls, Donald Woodside, and George Zarb are some of the most prominent names.

4. McGill University- Faculty of Dentistry

Encompassing a huge diversity of students, the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University is acclaimed for shaping many specialists in the field of dentistry. Some of the most notable alumni are Dr. Julia Pompura, Dr. Fong Chong, Dr. Marco Gaminitri, and Dr. Mervyn Gornitsky.

The faculty of Dentistry at McGill University focuses on meticulous research, oral education, and dental surgery. The Faculty offers a huge variety of dentistry programs. Apart from the undergraduate dental education program that offers a doctor of dental medicine (DMD), the faculty has Graduate and Postgraduate dental education programs. Also, the faculty of dentistry offers additional programs like Continuing Dental Education (CDE) and Research Trainee Program.

5. The University of Alberta – School of Dentistry

The University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The School is known for propelling the career of promising dentistry students with the help of its excellent faculty members. Due to this, the school has the likes of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Michael Houghton as their alumni.

Ualberta school of dentistry offers programs in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene along with graduate studies, dental residency programs, and continuing education for dental professionals.

6. Dalhousie University – Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry, situated in the Dalhousie Carleton Campus, is famous for instilling superior knowledge about dentistry among its graduates. The faculty have advanced clinic facilities and cutting-edge labs that help students excel over their competition. 

The Faculty offers degrees in undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry and dental hygiene. The programs include a Bachelor of Dental Hygiene, a Diploma in Dental Hygiene, a Dental Surgery Qualifying program, and a Doctor of dental surgery program.

Some of the most eminent alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry ( Dalhousie University) are Dr. Shauna Hachey, Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, Dr. Doris Marshall, and Dr. Emily Bonang.

7. Laval University – Faculty of Dentistry

Laval University’s Faculty of Dentistry is a unique addition to this list because it is one of the few French-language-based universities. The university is famed for its excellence in providing quality dental care to its patients.

There are two main student clinics in the faculty. One for undergraduate students and another for graduate ones. The programs offered by the faculty are also diverse, consisting of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics, and Periodontics, to name a few.

8. University of Manitoba – Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry

The University of Manitoba is another excellent dentistry school that places exclusive focus on preparing students to become dental hygienists in various employment settings. 

The faculty of Manitoba school is highly trained and specialist in their respective fields of dentistry and dental hygiene, and works effectively and efficiently to turn the students into well-known and excellent dental specialists. Thus, renowned people like Dr. Arnold Naimark, Charlie Spiring, Dr. Peter McPherson, and Pam Klein are alumni of this university.

There are many programs available for students to choose from. Some notable programs are the doctor of dental medicine, international dentist degree program, diploma in dental hygiene, bachelor of science in dentistry, and bachelor of science in dental hygiene.

9. Universite de Montreal – Faculty of Dental Medicine

Situated in Succursale Centre-ville Montreal, the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Universite de Montreal is another French-language-based dental facility on this list. It is proclaimed to have the best French-speaking faculty in Canada and has a rich history of producing excellent dentistry graduates.

The school works to improve the overall knowledge of the students. Therefore, they not only focus on didactic knowledge but also offer a wide range of activities to boost the clinical excellence of the students. The school provides degrees in graduate programs as well as basic science programs to create specialists in the field of dentistry and dental hygiene.

10. University of Saskatchewan – College of Dentistry 

The last spot on this list goes to the College of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan. This school is known for rapid growth in its teaching standard and facilities advancement. And, due to their continual efforts, they are known to train prominent alumni like Dr. Alan Heinrichs, Dr. Leandra Best, and Dr. Dennis Lanigan.

The school offers two major programs, namely a Bachelor of Science in Dentistry and an International Dental Degree Program. Students of this prestigious dentistry school will also learn activities like public education, reconstruction and surgery, and detection and management of oral, to name a few.



All the dental schools mentioned in this list specialize in providing quality education to dental students. However, while one school is best at one field, another school may be best at another. Since dentistry and dental hygiene programs generally range from two to four years, you need to know what field you will specialize in and choose the best school in that field. This way, you can ensure that you will get the best education to propel your dental career.



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