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CSUN Canvas Student Portal Login & Zoom

CSUN Canvas is a collaborative LMS (learning management system) by California State University, Northridge. It represents a modern LMS in all its features and functionality, thus allowing teachers to personalize enrollments, administer questions and quizzes, assign grades, share documents, and communicate with students to know about their personalized features. 

After you get admitted into the university as a bonafide student, CSUN Canvas is your go-to place for all your requirements and queries. As a student, you get full access to the materials provided by your tutor. Besides, you can do many more things, such as check your schedule and grades and set your preferences for receiving notifications right on your mobiles. 

Canvas CSUN comes with multiple grading tools such as audio/video feedback, rubrics, and a dedicated grading app. Moreover, Canvas CSUN comes with many external tools, such as Respondus and Turnitin, which the faculty can use in their respective courses. Other external apps are also present, which let the faculty embed YouTube videos, Khan Academy, Educreation, Wikipedia, etc. 

Moreover, one can access CSUN Canvas on almost all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc. However, keep in mind not to use the lite version of the browser. The lite version significantly reduces the output, leading to a poor and unsatisfactory user experience.

CSUN Canvas Login

How To Log Into CSUN Canvas Student Portal? 

Follow the following steps to log in to CSUN Canvas:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go and navigate to
  3. You will land at a screen that asks you to enter your user ID and password. Enter your CSUN user ID and password carefully. 
  4. Hit the login button. 
  5. Hurray! You have accessed your CSUN Canvas Student Portal.

In case you’re a new applicant, you should enter the temporary password and email address provided to you by the university. Moreover, keep in mind that as part of enhanced security features, the connection expires if it detects inactivity for more than 27 minutes.

Canvas App 

Canvas’s mobile application comes in two different versions: Canvas Teacher App and Canvas Student App. Once you download the app, you can enter your CSUN’s Canvas URL and access the mobile app.

What Is CSUN Zoom? 

CSUN Zoom refers to the web and video conferencing tool by California State University, Northridge. All the teachers and students can engage in effective online learning through zoom as it’s available to the entire faculty. Remember, Zoom allows only 300 participants in a particular meeting. 

With CSUN Zoom, both teachers and students can share audio, video, and screen sharing, thus creating an interactive learning environment. CSUN Zoom works on all computers, phones, laptops, and tablets and can be used on all PC, Android, iOS, and Mac devices. 

How To Log Into CSUN Zoom In Order To Join A Meeting?

If you want to log into your CSUN zoom to attend a meeting, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your web browser. 
  2. Navigate and go to
  3. Choose and click on “Join a Meeting”.
  4. You will land at a screen that asks you to enter your personal Link Name or Meeting ID. Enter your meeting ID.
  5. Hit the “Join” button. 
  6. Hurray! You have accessed your Zoom meeting. 

How To Get Started With CSUN Zoom? 

When you use the CSUN Zoom for the first time, you need to set it up. After the initial set-up, you need no additional tasks to be done. You can log in using the Meeting ID provided to you. To get started with the set-up process of CSUN Zoom, follow the following steps: 

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Go to Quick links and then move to the Download Center. Alternatively, you can do it by clicking on
  3. Choose “Zoom Meeting For Clients” and hit the download button.
  4. Open it manually if the ZoomInstaller.exe file doesn’t open immediately after download.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” option.
  6. A screen opens up which asks you to enter your SSO and password. SSO refers to Single Sign-On which is your CSUN user ID. Enter the following details.
  7. Type CSUN in the text box. Hit the “Log In” button.
  8. A screen appears that asks you to enter your campus user ID and password. Enter the exact details that you use to log in to your myNorthridge Portal.
  9. You will find that the Zoom application has been automatically launched in a separate new tab/window. Alternatively, you can click on “Launch Zoom” and then click on “Run” or “Continue”.
  10. The top right corner shows your initials. Choose it. It will display your CSUN email information, thus declaring “LICENSED”. 
  11. In case you had created a free account or logged in earlier using Google, you can log in and log out directly hassle-free only with your CSUN login details.
  12. Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Zoom and entered it into your Zoom Pro Account.


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