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10 Biggest Fraternities In The US

Breaking the chains of restrictions at the school, students step into a prestigious college to experience real-world scenarios. College or university is not only a place to focus on academics but also a destination to form precious friendships. A fraternity is one such group that opens the door to lifelong brotherhood bonds.


Several U.S. universities provide a platform for like-minded male students to form their organizations, known as fraternities. The members establish a close association to promote collective learning and development and make significant efforts to expand their fraternity. Due to their eternal bonds and aspirations, various students join these fraternities, and their size keeps increasing rapidly over the period.

So, in this article, we present the 10 biggest fraternities located in the U.S. Have a look!

10 Biggest & Popular Fraternities

Here is a detailed list of the largest fraternities and their roles in colleges and universities.

1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Number of Members: 304,000

Being the oldest fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a superior place in history books. This organization is credited for introducing leadership education programs in colleges. It also headed a movement focused on banning alcohol in college events. The members of this association welcome every male student who wishes to learn and thrive in his life.

This community organizes multiple programs for daily learning, such as the Education Program for Phoenix Members. In addition, it facilitates an efficient onboarding of members, recognitions, and brother-to-brother learning sessions.

Furthermore, every member contributes extensively to numerous volunteering activities. They share their experiences through holding development seminars, participating in recruitment activities, etc.

2. Sigma Chi

Number of Members: 300,000

Established in 1855, Sigma Chi has emerged as the second biggest fraternity in the country. It came into existence intending to improve students’ life at the college. The fraternity strengthens the need for honesty and equality in encouraging friendships. Every member has the opportunity to express their views and suggestions freely.

Moreover, the fraternity’s established principles stand on the pillars of justice, learning, and friendship. They target the individual’s personal growth by offering them proper coaching. The organization also plants the seed of volunteerism among its members by conducting leadership seminars, workshops, and other events.

3. Sigma Phi Epsilon

Number of Members: 289,000

Founded in 1901, the initial originators of this association established specific norms for their upcoming brothers. This fraternity is renowned for making a remarkable impact in distinct areas, including introducing programs like the Residential Learning Community.

A big positive of this fraternity is that it provides scholarship assistance to eligible undergraduate students through its Educational Foundation initiative.

Besides, Sigma Phi Epsilon focuses on building the strong character of its members and helps them learn interpersonal and leadership qualities. As a result, the members develop a healthy friendship bond to achieve the fraternity’s objectives.

4. Lambda Chi Alpha

Number of Members: 280,000

Lambda Chi Alpha measures each member equally and avoids discrimination based on background. The purpose of this fraternity is to help individuals develop their core skills with purposeful and loyal guidance.

The organization expects its members to represent courage, honor, loyalty, and integrity in their actions. These traits are even visible in multiple activities of the association, such as the meaningful practice of rituals and proper recruitment. It also promotes diversity among its members.

5. Tau Kappa Epsilon

Number of Members: 265,000

Founded in 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon focuses on creating ‘Better Men for a Better World.’ The fraternity follows the fundamentals of charity, esteem, and love for its operations.

This organization came into existence to modernize the thinking of society regarding men. It strongly emphasizes personal growth and improvements in one’s personality.

Its members possess enough opportunities to develop purposeful relationships that can facilitate a boost in their personal and professional lives. The fraternity also conducts workshops, seminars, and forums to help members leverage their overall personal development.

6. Pi Kappa Alpha

Number of Members: 240,000

Pi Kappa Alpha is another big fraternity in the USA with global recognition. It pays special attention to creating integrity, high morale, and intellect among its members.

The differentiating aspect of this fraternity from others is that it enables the members to feel whatever they are doing is meaningful.

Besides, it conducts lectures on brotherhood and furnishes tutoring for the growth of new members. The association prepares its members to serve the nation and act as future leaders.

7. Sigma Nu

Number of Members: 225,000

Sigma Nu has a goal of “excelling with honor.” It guides men with the principles of honor, truth, and love to shape their characters.

Members maintain lasting friendships and remain committed to the fraternity forever. Besides, the organization actively participates in several charitable programs and community services. Also, it focuses on philanthropy and improving academics.

However, since its establishment in 1869, it has provided notable alumni to society.

8. Beta Theta Pi

Number of Members: 2,00,000+

Beta Theta Pi is a fraternity directed towards entrepreneurial talent. It aims to produce Men of Principle who can live a life with high moral standards. They should possess distinct fundamental traits, such as integrity, intellectual development, responsible behavior, and loyalty, to create a lasting brotherhood relationship.

This fraternity has managed to attain a distinctive position because of this vision. It has also introduced the Men of Principle scholarship to help those unaffiliated students who possess the qualities the organization values.

9. Alpha Tau Omega

Number of Members: At most 200,000

Founded in 1865, Alpha Tau Omega began its journey with the principles of Christian-not-Greek. For several years, it has attained a position in the top 10 fraternities of the country in terms of its membership and number of chapters. This association is also regarded as the Fraternity for Leadership Development in America.

They strongly focus on the preparation of leadership responsibilities on various campuses. In addition, it is one of the best fraternities providing training sessions for developing youth in the U.S.

10. Nu Alpha Kappa

Number of Members: < 200,000

Nu Alpha Kappa is the biggest fraternity having its roots in Latin America. It aimed at helping the students from Latino conquer the differences in culture in the society. It made several attempts to establish itself as a fraternity different from the typical male associations.

The members of this community follow the established principles of excellence in academics, pure brotherhood, and cultural understanding.

Besides, it holds several programs like the National Sports Tournament, an athletic competition known as NAKFest, and the National Conference on Leadership Development.


Being a part of a famous and big fraternity enables a male student to explore his college life efficiently. Moreover, it helps students enhance their overall personality and become valuable citizens of the country.

It also provides the opportunity of networking with notable alumni of such fraternities. However, it is essential to analyze both sizes and roles of different fraternities before joining any of them.


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